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Computer Solutions was founded on the basis of economical on-site service. The simple question: “Would you take your washing machine to the shop for repair ?” generally puts our service into perspective.


If you continue down this line of thought the entire picture will become clear. Your computer is more valuable, complex and sensitive than your washing machine, yet you would consider it a joke if your washing machine dealer asked you to take it to them for repair. Yet you would consider it normal to pull all the wires out of the back of your computer, put it in your boot, wait any number of days for it to be repaired and then do the whole process in reverse!


After dislodging your computer from its familiar connections and location is it surprising to find that at least half of the time it does not work immediately?


This in turn could mean another trip to your dealer and the entire process over again INCLUDING A BILL!


Hence the birth of Computer Solutions.


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