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  • Computer Solutions was started back in 1997 after being asked to look at a computer as it was rumoured that I knew a bit about them.


The experience with computers dates back to the 1970's and the days of the Commodore and Atari.


Since writing a BASIC program and not having any storage and having to type it in each time wanted to use a new program. This further went on to purchasing a new computer with a tape recorder and storage facilities.


Over the next few years programs where developed to store LP's and Singles, recipes and even a database for every car in the UK. This at the time was thought to be a good idea for car insurance companies although it soon became apparent that storage for such information became an issue.


From here on a research program was joined which later turned out to be research into the creation on the first CD.


After the research program, working in retail is what was drawn into. This still involved working on the Commorade 64's and 128's and also Atari ST and into the production on the Amstrad word processors the first computers to be bundled with a printer.


Over the next few years the first economical PC's hit the market and MS-DOS. This also supported a database program which could hold thousands of records and the potential of it was incredible.


Several programs where then developed for large companies including Starline, Hereford Tiles and most famously Broadoaks Country House. The owner had just bought a dilapidated house in Troutbeck and contacted us to sort his computer out.


From here the business grew and work was taken on for more programs to be written for companies to help them develop and also work got around about repairing computers and fixing problems. This seen through the stages of Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000 and into Windows XP. Through these years several hundreds if not thousands of problems were solved with various systems and programs installations. New systems we purchased, built and put in place, virus removed and data recovered, some website development work was also undertaken. Through advertising and word of mouth the business continued to grow and extra staff had to be taken on to manage the workload.


In 2004 a new member of staff started on the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme. This enabled them to develop the skills and the experience needed out in the field (workplace) whilst also studying for a qualification.


After completed the course in 2006 they were then offer a position at the company which they happily accepted. Over the next few years their knowledge, experience and skills continued to grow along with our work load and customer base.


In 2009 a huge opportunity arose for this member of staff and they became the new owner of Computer Solutions. This was a huge plunge into the unknown but the opportunity was taken on and grasped with both hands as it was always a dream to one day have their own business.


The business continued to grow and in 2011 an opportunity to benefit the business in a big way was finalized.


The economic climate then had a rapid decline which affect thousands of businesses out there and lead to many of them ceasing trading or going into administration. This present the company with new challenges but the business is constantly continuing to grow and develop along the way.


With the advances in technology and the development of new software, programs and hardware the company is continuing to develop and adapt to the ever changing climate.


In 2017 it was scary how quickly the last 8 years have gone by and how much we have overcome in that time and continue to do so. This is both as a company and for our customers on their range of issues and systems that have needed our services in the past, present and future. We will constantly strive to provide our services and help in any way possible to get our customers systems working to their best for their requirements.


It is now 2019 and ten years since being the owner of Computer Solutions. We would like to thank all of our past present and future customers that we have looked over the years and continue to do so. The fast pacing changes in technology world mean we can always offer the most up to date and relevant technology and solutions to all of our customers to meet their needs.

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